Interface GwtSuperDevOptions

All Known Implementing Classes:
GwtSuperDev, GwtSuperDevOptionsImpl

public interface GwtSuperDevOptions
Defines the options known by the GwtSuperDev task.
  • Method Details

    • getWorkDir

      File getWorkDir()
      the workDir
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    • setWorkDir

      void setWorkDir(File workDir)
      Sets the "-workDir" option that specifies the directory where the Super Dev Mode outputs its generated files.
      workDir - the workDir to set
    • getBindAddress

      String getBindAddress()
    • setBindAddress

      void setBindAddress(String bindAddress)
      Sets the "-bindAddress" option that defines to which network ip the socket should be bound. This is relevant if the Super Dev Mode should be reachable from a remote host.
      bindAddress - the bindAddress to set
    • getPort

      Integer getPort()
    • setPort

      void setPort(Integer port)
      Sets the "-port" option that defines to which port the socket should be bound.
      port - the port to set. Valid range is [1; 65535].
    • getNoPrecompile

      Boolean getNoPrecompile()
    • setNoPrecompile

      void setNoPrecompile(Boolean noPrecompile)
      Sets the "-noprecompile" flag that causes the Super Dev Mode to not compile the modules on startup but only at access.
      noPrecompile - true if the noPrecompile flag should be set, false otherwise
    • setUseClasspathForSrc

      void setUseClasspathForSrc(Boolean useClasspathForSrc)
      If set to true, this causes the src to be prepended to the classpath instead of using -src parameters. This is necessary due to a bug in GWT 2.5/2.6.
      useClasspathForSrc - true to add the src to the classpath, false to use -src parameters
      See Also:
    • getUseClasspathForSrc

      Boolean getUseClasspathForSrc()
    • setLauncherDir

      void setLauncherDir(File launcherDir)
    • getLauncherDir

      File getLauncherDir()
    • setCompileTestRecompiles

      void setCompileTestRecompiles(Integer compileTestRecompiles)
    • getCompileTestRecompiles

      Integer getCompileTestRecompiles()
    • setCompileTest

      void setCompileTest(Boolean compileTest)
    • getCompileTest

      Boolean getCompileTest()
    • setFailOnError

      void setFailOnError(Boolean failOnError)
    • getFailOnError

      Boolean getFailOnError()
    • setAllowMissingSrc

      void setAllowMissingSrc(Boolean allowMissingSrc)
    • getAllowMissingSrc

      Boolean getAllowMissingSrc()
    • getClosureFormattedOutput

      Boolean getClosureFormattedOutput()
    • setClosureFormattedOutput

      void setClosureFormattedOutput(Boolean closureFormattedOutput)
      If set to true, this adds the parameter -XclosureFormattedOutput. If set to false, this adds the parameter -XnoclosureFormattedOutput. Added in GWT 2.8.
      closureFormattedOutput - The closure formatted output.