Class AbstractGwtActionTask

All Implemented Interfaces:
Comparable<org.gradle.api.Task>, org.gradle.api.internal.DynamicObjectAware, org.gradle.api.internal.TaskInternal, org.gradle.api.plugins.ExtensionAware, org.gradle.api.Task, org.gradle.util.Configurable<org.gradle.api.Task>
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractGwtTask, GwtSuperDev

public abstract class AbstractGwtActionTask extends org.gradle.api.DefaultTask
Base class for all GWT related tasks.
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractGwtActionTask

      public AbstractGwtActionTask(String main)
  • Method Details

    • exec

      public void exec()
    • prependSrcToClasspath

      protected boolean prependSrcToClasspath()
      If true this causes that the src is prepended to the classpath. This is set to false for Super Dev Mode as the source is given to it as extra parameter.
      true if src should be prepended to the classpath, false otherwise.
    • getGwtVersion

      @Optional @Input public String getGwtVersion()
    • setGwtVersion

      public void setGwtVersion(String gwtVersion)
    • getModules

      @Input public List<String> getModules()
    • setModules

      public void setModules(List<String> modules)
      Sets the GWT modules (fully qualified names) to be used by this task.
      modules - GWT modules to be set for this task
    • args

      protected void args(Object... args)
    • jvmArgs

      protected void jvmArgs(Object... args)
    • argIfEnabled

      protected void argIfEnabled(Boolean condition, String arg)
    • argOnOff

      protected void argOnOff(Boolean condition, String onArg, String offArg)
    • dirArgIfSet

      protected void dirArgIfSet(String arg, File dir)
    • argIfSet

      protected void argIfSet(String arg, Object value)
    • addArgs

      protected abstract void addArgs()
      Called directly before executing this task. Subclasses are expected to add all args/javaArgs needed for the execution.
    • isDevTask

      @Input protected boolean isDevTask()
      If true the task instance is treated as being a development related task. Development related tasks will have the devModules set by default.
      true if the task is development related, false otherwise.
    • getSrc

      @InputFiles @PathSensitive(RELATIVE) public org.gradle.api.file.FileCollection getSrc()
    • setSrc

      public void setSrc(org.gradle.api.file.FileCollection src)
      Sets the source directories used by this task instance. These source directories are used by GWT to read java source files from.
      src - source directories to set
    • getClasspath

      @Classpath public org.gradle.api.file.FileCollection getClasspath()
    • setClasspath

      public void setClasspath(org.gradle.api.file.FileCollection classpath)
      Sets the classpath for the spawned java process.
      classpath - the classpath to set
    • getMinHeapSize

      @Input public String getMinHeapSize()
    • setMinHeapSize

      public void setMinHeapSize(String minHeapSize)
      Sets the minimum heap size for the spawned java process.
      minHeapSize - the minimum heap size to set
    • getMaxHeapSize

      @Input public String getMaxHeapSize()
    • setMaxHeapSize

      public void setMaxHeapSize(String maxHeapSize)
      Sets the maximum heap size for the spawned java process.
      maxHeapSize - the maximum heap size to set
    • getExtraJvmArgs

      @Input public List<String> getExtraJvmArgs()
    • setExtraJvmArgs

      public void setExtraJvmArgs(List<String> extraJvmArgs)
    • isDebug

      @Input public boolean isDebug()
    • setDebug

      public void setDebug(boolean debug)
      If set to true this enables debugging for the spawned java process.
      debug - true to enable debugging, false otherwise.
    • getLogLevel

      @Optional @Input public LogLevel getLogLevel()
    • setLogLevel

      public void setLogLevel(LogLevel logLevel)
      Sets the LogLevel for this task.
      logLevel - the log level to set
    • getSourceLevel

      @Optional @Input public String getSourceLevel()
    • setSourceLevel

      public void setSourceLevel(String sourceLevel)
    • getIncremental

      @Optional @Input public Boolean getIncremental()
    • setIncremental

      public void setIncremental(Boolean incremental)
    • getJsInteropMode

      @Optional @Input public JsInteropMode getJsInteropMode()
    • setJsInteropMode

      public void setJsInteropMode(JsInteropMode jsInteropMode)
    • getJsInteropExports

      @Input public GwtJsInteropExportsOptions getJsInteropExports()
    • setJsInteropExports

      public void setJsInteropExports(GwtJsInteropExportsOptions jsInteropExports)
    • getMethodNameDisplayMode

      @Optional @Input public MethodNameDisplayMode getMethodNameDisplayMode()
    • setMethodNameDisplayMode

      public void setMethodNameDisplayMode(MethodNameDisplayMode methodNameDisplayMode)
      If set, this causes the "-XmethodNameDisplayMode" (added in GWT 2.7/2.8) parameter to be added.
      methodNameDisplayMode - The method name display mode specified.